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We connect buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

My Samoa sole purpose is to bridge the distance between World and our Samoa Islands, in commerce. The newly incorporated concept is an advanced adaption of our existing services making trade & commerce more widely accessible to not only our current Samoan community, but worldwide. My Samoa actively supports the Samoan Island initiatives by creating business opportunities that expands the regions reach increasing markets, allowing smoother transitions and flows of economy both locally and abroad.

Samoan culture revolve around helping families – immediate and/or extended – and “giving back” especially to the elderly who are no longer able to participate in the workforce. The love of family never ceases. For this reason, My Samoa will continue to explore all possibilities to expand our peoples opportunities not only through seafreight shipments to the islands, Goods Orders and Money Transfer services, but also moving the opportunities online allowing a continued “nurturing” in doing business, providing greater ease and greater access in both time and location. My Samoa is happy to continue with traditions and it is our hope that we will continue to build this model of doing business, starting from the established networks with the business communities of Samoa.

Through Wholesales throughout the Samoa, we have managed to secure the support of these Wholesale company’s throughout Samoa by offering reliable and honest bulk sales to customers, who are guaranteed to get goods as ordered/purchased from overseas for their families in Samoa.

My Samoa not only offers customers the opportunity to buy goods and have same released overseas. These are economical choices available to anyone, and we find our choice of products for sale very popular to those shipping goods overseas.

We have also incorporate Supermarket chains to our website, allowing purchasing power in smaller quantities rather than bulk buying.

With this service, our customers have enjoyed buying shopping vouchers, to the value of their choice (minimum amount applies), and their nominated recipient will then visit the shops in the islands, and shop to the full value of the Shopping Voucher as purchased by the sender in all over the world. Example, instead of buy a bag of sugar, families can buy a 1, 2 or 5kilo packets of sugar instead and still have enough to buy packs of meat, salt etc in small quantities, if such is preferred by the family.

These are only a few of My Samoa services that our customers can enjoy, and we hope to continue to provide more shopping options abroad for all our customers’ convenience. Stay connected, and help economies support each other so all can have a good and comfortable life. The art of giving is more fulfilling but one that is not always available until we can all make it work!


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Discover My Pacific’s Journey

November 2016
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by My Pacific in New Zealand for the Pacific community to help families back home.
May 2017
Registers 2100 users to use My Pacific platform
December 2018
My Pacific goes under-construction for new design redevelopment.
January 2019
My Pacific launches new design website.
January 2020
My Samoa launches new design website. Formerly known as My Pacific Online

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